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Marine or Bore Water Maker - Desalinator - Kit with Options as Chosen


This kit comes with:


High pressure tube(s) with mounts

DuPont RO membrane(s) SW30-2540

12v twin impella magnetic drive low pressure pump or Davey XF171s Pump

No high pressure pump (BYO Karcher) or 240v high pressure Premium pump 

5 micron filter and housing

20 micron filter and housing

Carbon filter and housing

2 x one way valves

Low pressure gauge

High pressure gauge

High pressure needle valve

Fresh water flush timer

Total dissolved solids digital meter (water quality meter)

Visual flow meter

1/2" Pex tubing

1/4" or 3/8' Pex tubing (based on your chosed output)

1/2" braided hose and stainless clamps

High pressure hose with connectors

All connectors and push-fit fittings

Thread tape

A comprehensive instruction and operation manual

Build Your System

PriceFrom $2,937.00
GST Included |
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