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Boat Desalination Kit

Find a Boat Desalination Kit Ideal for Even High Demand Situations

Have you ever considered the value there may be in modifying your boat with a desalination kit? There's nothing quite like an escape on the water, especially when you get away from the hustle and bustle to enjoy good food and drink with friends and family. However, have you ever run into trouble with keeping enough water on board? If you go out on longer excursions, it may only be a few days — sometimes even less — before your tanks run dry. What if you could keep on sailing past the marina while knowing you'll have plenty of water within hours? At Water Makers Australia, our all-in-one kits provide precisely those kinds of results at a fraction of the cost that once made these systems notoriously inaccessible. Consider how we've created a better desalination solution for small and large watercraft alike.

Image by Daniel Olah

Making any modification to your boat requires knowing everything there is to understand about the hardware before you decide to proceed. After all, you need to be confident in its compatibility and whether it is capable of providing what you need. No one wants to invest in a hassle — so why is our solution the right one?

  • Scalable to fulfill many roles. Provide personal drinking water only with a small unit for sailing solo or prepare to entertain on a large yacht with a system capable of pumping out hundreds of litres per hour. 

  • Our system uses a triple-stage filtration, pulling out all the fine particles and ultimately using reverse osmosis to trap salts and leave behind fresh water.

  • Our units mount anywhere. When space is at a premium, finding room for bulky equipment isn't always easy. Our water making units, however, are compact and easy to install on your own.

What You Should Know About Our Boat Desalination Unit

Owning a boat is notorious for one thing — the expense of maintenance. Keeping your costs low demands making smart choices when you look for hardware additions to make. Water Makers Australia stands out in terms of value, too. Here's how.


  • The fittings used by our 12-volt water makers are easy to replace at a low cost. Found at any plumbing supply or hardware store, these universal pipes and accessories help keep your long-term maintenance costs low.

  • We're highly adept at scaling solutions to meet different budgetary needs. For those who want a less expensive pump that is cheaper to replace when it fails, we can do that. For those who prefer the top of the line, we have those capabilities too. 

  • We keep our overhead costs down, work hard to find excellent products from dependable manufacturers, and look for every opportunity to pass savings along to our customers.

What Sets Us Apart On Boat Water Maker Prices


Why Water Makers Australia Are a Cost-Effective Choice for a Boat Reverse Osmosis System

From our efforts to provide a cost-effective solution to the low prices associated with most replacement pumps and their fittings, keeping your desalination setup in good working order is not difficult at all. With filter changes and the occasional pump refit, you'll find that your system has the durability to provide fresh water reliably for the long term. Contact us to find your system.

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