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Why Water Makers are a Smart Investment for Your Boat

A lot of people enjoy being out on the water. But it’s also no secret that being on a boat in the middle of the ocean has its share of inconveniences. The perfect solution is to invest in a system from Water Makers Australia. But what exactly is a water maker, and how can investing in a water maker save you money? more

Enjoy Convenient Fresh Water With Desalination On Your Sailboat

Do you ever find yourself wishing that you had a convenient option for desalination aboard your sailboat? Having a pleasure cruise cut short by the need to stop off somewhere and refill the water tanks makes it difficult to plan longer excursions more

The Ultimate Fresh Water Maker

Get the ultimate fresh water maker for your seaside property or boat. Imagine having unlimited fresh water on your boat or at your seaside property. No more having to find a marina to fill up the water tanks, since you are making your own, sparkling and fresh drinking water, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional desalination systems more

Choosing a Salt Water Maker for Offshore Journeys

Long-haul sailing journeys offer many challenges, but when you can safely extract sea salt with a water maker, fresh drinking water is virtually all around you. That's one challenge ticked off the list — now the rest won't be so difficult to sort. However, can you afford such a system more

Designing a Solar Water Machine to Support Off-Grid Production

Without easy access to grid power, using solar for a water maker may seem like the ideal off-grid combination — but finding such a solution often proves easier said than done. For those establishing a homestead off the grid or running an agricultural operation that requires potable water for people and livestock alike, finding a functional solution is a critical matter more

We Ensure You Can Always Have the Marine Water Maker You Need

If you need a reliable marine water maker from a team that understands how to deliver excellent results with their products, you can find it here. Our water makers ensure you have access to the drinkable water you need when you are out sailing to your favourite destination more

We Can Provide You with the Fresh Water Maker for Boats You Need

If you are looking for an excellent quality fresh water maker for boats that will not break the bank, we provide it here. Our services ensure you have the clean, drinkable water you need whenever you are out sailing the ocean more

Selecting a Remote Water Maker to Provide Resources Off the Grid

Should you add a remote water maker to your location off the grid? Australia presents a wide variety of challenging environments, and mastering the land is one of the most significant obstacles to both domestic living and commercial applications in a more rural setting more

The Number-One Solution for Brackish Desalination

Do you have a remote site with an abundance of muddy or brackish water, but no fresh potable water? We’ve taken the existing technology and turned it on its head, coming up with an efficient and extremely cost-effective way of brackish desalination that can turn your muddy or brackish groundwater into fresh drinking water more

Find a Boat Desalination Kit Ideal for Even High Demand Situations

Have you ever considered the value there may be in modifying your boat with a desalination kit? There's nothing quite like an escape on the water, especially when you get away from the hustle and bustle to enjoy good food and drink with friends and family more

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