Marine Systems

Sailing Time

There are a number of items that make boating - both power and sail - more enjoyable....

 - Plenty of fuel

 - Plenty of wind

 - An abundance of food and friends

 - A fully stocked bar

 ...and plenty of fresh water.

Marine Systems

Sailing Time

This is often a problem with the need to cut short your on-water time to call into a marina to fill those tanks. Quite often now marinas charge good money for this life requirement or, in the era of water restrictions, just refuse and you also obviously lose time, money, fuel and enjoyment having to do this.

The other issue is that typical marine water makers (desalinators) come in their own housing which is bulky and sometime hard to fit in and they are quite frankly cost prohibitive.

We've solved that.

You have a choice of systems ranging from our budget system that produces up to 80 litres per hour using a Karcher high pressure pump similar to the one you might use washing the car right through to a system that produces up to 240 litres per hour using a triplex ceramic piston pump and waterproof motor.

The best part about our systems is that they come in kit form and are modular. You can mount the componentry in multiple locations taking advantage of much smaller spaces and if you run out of connecting piping supplied you can get more from your local plumbing store. We use standard fittings available the world over to give you the flexibility you need.


Our 240v systems will run off your boat's genset or even a small Honda 2000i generator. Our 12v systems come with their own inverter for the high-pressure pump and a 12v boost pump. The reason we have used an inverter rather than an expensive 12v motor/pump combination is to keep the costs down and provide flexibility. Using an inverter allows you to mount the system away from the batteries as only the inverter needs to be close. You can then run electrical cables cheaply and efficiently to wherever you choose.

We provide you with a detailed installation manual that will answer all of your questions and guide you to be making fresh water as soon as possible.

If you need assistance, your local boat expert or handyman can no doubt help. We may also be able to recommend someone to you in your area. Don't hesitate to ask.

Our goal is to provide you with the support, information and assistance to ensure you have many years of trouble free desalination and include a Lifetime* warranty with every system.


What's Included

We include everything we possibly can in our solutions to enable you to install and operate our marine water makers across many years. What others sometimes see as optional extras we see as necessities.

Included with every system:

  • 1 Comprehensive installation and Instruction Manual

  • 1, 2 or 3 40" 1000 psi High-Pressure Tubes with 316SS end fittings

  • 1, 2 or 3 SW30-2540 Dupont Filmtec Reverse Osmosis Membranes

  • 1 12v Low-Pressure Pump

  • 1 Karcher K2, K4/5 or Italian Stainless/Ceramic Triplex Pump with IP56 Rated 240v Motor

  • 3 x10" Clear Filter Housings

  • 1 x5 Micron Filter Cartridge

  • 1 x 20 Micron Filter Cartridge

  • 1 x Carbon Filter Cartridge

  • 1 x Digital TDS Meter (other manufacturers have this as a $300 optional extra)

  • 1 x Automated Fresh Water Flush (other manufacturers have this as a $400-$1100 optional extra)

  • 1 x 60 psi Low-Pressure Gauge

  • 1 x 1000 psi High-Pressure Gauge

  • 2 x One-Way Valves

  • 1 x High-Pressure Needle Valve (6000psi)

  • 1 x Visual Flow Meter for Product Water

  • 1 x 4000w/8000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter (If you choose a 12v solution)

  • 316SS Hose Clamps

  • All 316SS High-Pressure fittings and connectors

  • Suitable High Pressure Hoses for solution purchased

  • Mounting brackets for filters and High-Pressure Tubes

  • All low-Pressure Poly fittings and connectors as required

  • All John Guest Push-Fit fittings

  • 10m John Guest Pex Hose to plumb fresh water to tank

  • 4m John Guest Pex Hose to plumb system together

  • 5m Clear 1/2" hose for seawater in and out (Please advise if longer lengths required in purchase notes)