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Brackish Desalination

The Number-One Solution for Brackish Desalination

Do you have a remote site with an abundance of muddy or brackish water, but no fresh potable water? We’ve taken the existing technology and turned it on its head, coming up with an efficient and extremely cost-effective way of brackish desalination that can turn your muddy or brackish groundwater into fresh drinking water. 

At Water Makers Australia, we create simple, cheap, off-grid, and efficient ways to treat muddy or brackish water. You don’t ever have to buy drinking water again. Our systems are long-lasting, cost very little to run, and will ensure that you have access to a nearly endless supply of fresh water.


Whether you are living on the coast, or on a remote inland farm, we can help you make your own clear fresh water, adding to your health, as well as the value of your property.

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What You Can Expect from Water Makers Australia Regarding Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis

Whether you need 80 litres or 5 000 litres per day, we have you covered. Each system is designed for your specific requirements and can be powered either by electricity or via solar power. We also partner with solar solutions company Commodore Australia, as we believe in harnessing all the Australian sunshine into something productive.

  • We’ve taken the existing technology and completely reimagined and re-engineered it, to come up with a simple, effective brackish water treatment plant that will not cost an arm and a leg. We’ve also redesigned the supply chain to make use of pipes, fittings and other readily available components. Why struggle to find a specialty part when you can just pick it up at the local hardware store?

  • Our brackish water desalination plant is relatively simple to install. You no longer need an installation team. Your local handyman should be able to do the installation for you. Simply connect it to the water source and the fresh water tank, and connect the power.

  • If you are looking for a simple, straight-forward brackish water desalination solution that works, you’ve come to the right place. In addition to being highly effective and efficient, our brackish groundwater desalination system is also affordable. 

  • We’ve refined the traditional brackish water reverse osmosis process. Our system is long-lasting, with very little running cost, perfect for rural or remote applications. Access to good quality fresh water is life-changing and will add significant value to your secluded property. Imagine never having to cart water to the farm again, or never buying drinking water from the shops again.

  • No matter what you need, we can help you with the perfect solution. From 80 litres per day to 5 000 litres per day, and much more, we have you covered with practical and cost-effective solutions. 

What Sets Water Makers Australia Apart Regarding the Desalination of Brackish Water ppt?

We are proudly challenging the desalination industry with systems that are of superior quality, long-lasting,  affordable and involves low running costs. Imagine a marine, brackish, muddy or borehole water desalination system that is both effective and affordable. We’ve made it real.

  • We believe in excellence in everything that we do. We have challenged the norm with our innovative and revolutionary desalination systems, and we are doing the same when it comes to customer service. From initial contact, until your system is up and running, we will be there for you every step of the way. We’re always standing by with sound advice and to assist you with whatever questions you may have.

  • We are passionate about what we do. Turning useless salty or brackish water into clear, fresh, potable water can quickly become a convenience for our customers. Helping you make the best of your property with fresh water is what we’re all about.

  • We pride ourselves on providing the best quality systems at the best possible prices. We can confidently state that our systems are the most cost-effective desalination systems in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • Our systems are completely adaptable to your needs and your means. Whether you need fresh water for a holiday home or a dairy farm, we can make it happen. 

  • By offering a solar system option, we breach the gap of lack of power in rural areas, offering off-grid desalination systems. Make as much fresh water as you want without expending anything on electricity.

  • We stand behind the quality of our products. We offer a 24-month warranty on all our systems, giving you peace of mind that you have a system of the highest standard.

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About Water Makers Australia

Water Makers Australia is a proudly Australian owned and operated company. We pride ourselves on coming up with innovative, cost-effective and efficient water desalination solutions for our customer throughout Australia.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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