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Desalination For A Sailboat

Enjoy Convenient Fresh Water With Desalination On Your Sailboat

Do you ever find yourself wishing that you had a convenient option for desalination aboard your sailboat? Having a pleasure cruise cut short by the need to stop off somewhere and refill the water tanks makes it difficult to plan longer excursions. For those who truly love challenging themselves for more extended periods when sailing, bringing along enough fresh water is always a major logistical hurdle. If you could only convert the seawater available all around you into potable water, you'd be good to go — but modern setups are often bulky, difficult to maintain, and on the extreme end of the cost spectrum.

At Water Makers Australia, we open the door to a different path: convenient and cost-effective desalination system for boats, designed from the ground up to deliver better value and performance in a wide range of operating conditions. With user-friendly features and kits capable of producing up to 240 litres of water per hour, these highly customisable solutions are ideal for many kinds of applications. With domestic systems, too, we cover all the options for self-sufficiency. Take a moment to learn about these solutions and how we can help you walk away with the best option possible.

Sailboat Top View

Starting with some basic information about desalination and how these kits work is advisable. Understanding what solutions you have available, and whether they're suitable for the boat you have, begins with investigating specs and performance. What are some of the key things to keep in mind about our desalination machine for your boat?

  • There are three steps to the operation of a desalination water maker. First, a pump draws water up from the sea. Second, it goes through a two-step filtration process to remove large and small particulates from the water. Finally, a high-pressure pump forces the water back through a reverse osmosis screen, trapping ocean salts and producing fresh, clean-tasting water.

  • We have three types of pumps available to choose from, ranging from the budget-friendly to the high end. The appropriate pump depends on your available funds and the number of litres per hour of water you want to produce. Learn more.

  • Choosing the right output capacity is essential. Remember, the average person uses about 60 litres of fresh water per day. We've made it simple to estimate how many litres you consume per day, so selecting a pump at 80, 160, or 240 L/h is easy.


From universal fittings to highly cost-effective pumps and overall low maintenance requirements, it's apparent that our solutions start with value for your money in mind. 

What You Should Know About a Desalting Water Machine

Signs You Should Invest in a Compact Desalination Unit

Yacht Deck

How can you be sure that this is indeed the right choice for your boat? Sure, there is the undeniable aspect of its convenience, but is there any other reason you should consider purchasing a system for producing freshwater this way? Watch out for some of the signs that say ‘yes’:

  • You have smaller water tanks that require frequent replenishment, severely limiting the range of your sailboat when you might otherwise take longer excursions. 

  • You want to plan to make your vessel more self-sufficient for hosting larger groups of friends and family. 

  • You've experienced a water emergency in the past or have run out of potable water at a very inopportune time. 

Still unsure whether or not this is the right idea? Give us a call today for a friendly chat about your boat, your water needs, and how our solutions may align with your requirements. 

What to Expect from Our Domestic Desalination Plant

Did you know that Water Makers Australia provides more than options for boats? We supply off-grid systems for home and commercial use as well. These custom-designed and built systems can rely on solar or mains power, depending on your location and plans. What kind of performance can you expect from such a setup?

  • Our domestic setups deliver the same excellent results through a similar three-stage pumping and filtration system. This water is perfectly suitable for drinking or using in commercial contexts, such as in a dairy. 

  • We provide custom design and fabrication services to ensure that our clients receive an off-grid desalination setup that perfectly aligns with their needs and available space.

  • Years of reliable operation with 24-month warranty coverage on non-consumable parts, so you can trust in your investment as you bring it fully online.

About Water Makers Australia

After years of seeing marine desalination options priced through the roof, we determined there must be a better way to approach the problem. After hard work and consistent efforts, we've produced a range of options suitable for all kinds of needs — and our partnerships only continue to grow. First in class in cost-effectiveness, we're proud to provide sailors, homeowners, and business operators alike a better solution for producing clean, fresh water for many uses. To learn more about purchasing a desalination home system or a boat kit, please contact us.

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