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Fresh Water Maker for Boats

We Can Provide You with the Fresh Water Maker for Boats You Need

If you are looking for an excellent quality fresh water maker for boats that will not break the bank, we provide it here. Our services ensure you have the clean, drinkable water you need whenever you are out sailing the ocean. Choose Water Makers Australia and experience cost-effective solutions to satisfy your thirst.


Benefits of Using Our Services When You Need a Village Marine Water Maker

When you are looking for an excellent marine fresh water maker, you always want to ensure you get it from a team that offers the benefits you need. Here is a short list of benefits we always provide our customers when they need reliable water makers:

  • We design our machines to come cheap and to work with an excellent range of replacement parts. You should be able to source these parts and filters locally or from our online store any time. Having access to machines that you can easily find replacement parts for means you save more money, in the long run, should something unexpected happen.

  • Our products all come with a two-year warranty to provide you with the peace of mind you need. You do not have to worry about something unexpected causing you to lose your machine, because if something goes wrong within the first two years, we have you covered. Getting more life out of the devices you buy from us is something we take seriously.

  • We offer a range of options that cover aspects such as how many litres of water you want to process per hour, which high-pressure pump you want, what voltage you want the system to run at, and where you want to put the system. All these decisions impact the price and how we put the machine together for you. Discuss these options with our professionals if you are unsure which would suit your requirements best.


Whether you want a wide range of services, access to an excellent warranty, or a machine that can use readily available spare parts, we provide it here. With us, you will always have access to clean, drinkable water out on the ocean, whether you need a small boat water maker or a large one.

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding a Desalination Machine for a Boat

Since we started our business, we have had numerous questions from interested clients. Below we have put together a few of the topics that have come up more than once:

  • How do I know what quality of water the machine will produce? Every system we build comes with a Total Dissolved Solids digital meter. This meter can tell you what the total parts per million of contaminants are in the water. Fresh water usually has around 500 ppm. Our systems run at under 100 ppm, which means you get excellent quality water whenever you use our Parker water makers.

  • How often do I need to replace the filters or membrane of the machine? Depending on the amount of sedimentation in the water around you, your filter cartridges can last anything from a single use to a few applications. You can remove these filters and hose them down to clear them of grime, however, and get a few more uses out of them. The membrane, on the other hand, should provide you with many years of use. Ask our professionals about the procedures to follow to ensure the membrane remains healthy.

  • Your systems come cheaper than that of your competitors, why is that? Our systems are the fruits of redesigning and re-engineering desalination solutions. Countless desalination systems come with bells and whistles and unnecessarily fancy systems that cost a fortune to produce and maintain, not to mention repair prices. We designed our systems to provide excellent results with the necessities, which saves you money now, and in future.


Why Trust Us When You Need a Reliable Reverse Osmosis Water Maker Machine

Since our business started, we have helped numerous customers get access to clean, drinkable water with our open ocean water maker. We pride ourselves on providing you systems that come easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy on the budget. With all the unnecessary bells and whistles removed from our systems, you get everything you need at much more affordable prices. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and will always put your satisfaction with our products and services first.

Providing clients with clean water has been our mission since our business started. We are always looking for ways to allow you to save more, whether through re-engineering or changes in design. Rest assured that when you buy from us, you get the professional quality that will provide you and yours with excellent drinking water whenever you need it. Call us now and secure your source of fresh water today.

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