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Marine Desalination Technology Has Improved So Much That Desalination is Available to Anyone Who Wants to Upgrade.

Marine Desalination was once only available to those who could afford expensive new technology, and the process could be slow in the past. Today marine desalination is surprisingly easy and affordable with technology in the field that can turn many litres of saltwater into desalinated water in a short amount of time.
Our Marine Watermaker Options Include:
Residential Water Maker - Karcher Pump – This system comes fully assembled and provides 80 litres of water to your home per hour. With a water tank to store it in, you do not need to run this system to long each day to provide enough potable water for a family home.
Residential Water Maker – Premium Pump - This option comes with a pump upgrade, also comes fully assembled and can provide 80, 160, or 240 litres of water per hour, depending on the size you choose.
Marine Water Maker – Karcher Pump – This is our most affordable marine desalination system. It comes in kit form and pumps 80 litres per hour.
Marine Water Maker – Karcher Pump and Water Cooled – If your engine room is hot, as most are, this option will keep your Karcher pump cool and running smoothly. It provides 80 litres per hour.
Marine Water Maker - Premium Pump – Much like the in-home desalination options the marine watermaker premium pump comes in three water production levels and three price points. Ranging from 80 to 240 litres per hour.
Because seawater is the largest resource for water we have on the planet, it only makes sense to invest the technology that will make desalination more readily available to the masses. Our marine watermaker is known for being both reliable and affordable because of the extensive research we have done when it comes to each and every component and the variable technology within the machine. Our systems come fully assembled and ready to plumb, you just need to provide the sea water and the storage tank to hold the clean water.
If you are looking for the best in Marine Desalinators browse our selection or call today to discuss your needs and our options. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and if you are not sure which questions to even ask because it is all new to you we will be happy to discuss marine desalination with you in general. We are passionate about our product and look forward to helping you increase your safety and convenience out on the open waters.

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