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Remote Water Maker

Selecting a Remote Water Maker to Provide Resources Off the Grid

Should you add a remote water maker to your location off the grid? Australia presents a wide variety of challenging environments, and mastering the land is one of the most significant obstacles to both domestic living and commercial applications in a more rural setting. When you need a source of fresh, potable water daily, it may seem that you have limited options — until you consider combining the potency of three-stage filtration with solar power. At Water Makers Australia, we recognised that there are many under-served communities and commercial operations across the nation that consistently face shortages or restrictions due to unreliable local resources.

When you can remove the impurities and salt from water, even muddy sources become potential spots to create fresh drinking water. Through our partnership with Commodore Australia, we provide a complete end-to-end solution for even the applications which require many thousands of litres of water per day. Previously cost-prohibitive and inaccessible to all but the largest operators, we've worked hard to develop solutions to open the market to others. What do you need to know about these systems?


The Benefits of Remote Desalination

First, there are the benefits of outback water purification to consider. There is the most obvious one, of course — access to clean water that is safe to drink — but there are other advantages to adopting a system such as those we furnish. What are the other reasons to consider making this investment?


  • Reliability even when there is no generator power to draw upon for pumping. We design systems capable of functioning in a truly "off-grid" manner, using large solar panels to collect all the energy necessary to run the pump and filtration systems of your desalination plant. 

  • These systems scale with ease. Whether you only need to produce a few hundred litres of water per day or more than ten thousand litres, we're able to provide systems that meet these challenging demands without faltering. 

  • You exert total control over water quality and distribution. When you know how much water you can produce and where it comes from, you can ensure that this precious resource reaches the appropriate destinations.

Tips Regarding Bore Water Desalination

At first glance, the thought of efficiently performing muddy water desalination on your property draws upon may seem like a fantasy. With our kits and designs, however, it is easier than you might think. Ensuring that you receive the appropriate installation is at the core of what we do, but how can you play a part? Keep the following tips in mind to make a smart investment. 

  • Choose a pump capacity that aligns with your requirements. At Water Makers Australia, we provide a range of solutions suitable for those on a tighter budget and those with more purchasing power alike. Don't hesitate to ask about how to choose the right pump and maintain it for the future. 

  • Carefully locate your tanks and choose storage options of high quality. After going to the trouble of producing all the water you need, don't entertain concerns about losing water or frustrating contaminations. Ensure robust, rugged plumbing lines to and from your desalinator. 

  • Plan for purchasing consumables, such as filters. The powerful reverse osmosis system we use for desalination ensures clean water, but filters do wear out over time. Ask us about how to stock up on this important item. 

Image by Andrew Neel

What Sets Water Makers Australia Apart Regarding Village Desalination?

Providing property desalination solutions, especially for multiple sites or for a larger settlement in the outback, is no easy feat. With multiple options on the market, making the right choice isn't always easy. Why partner with Water Makers Australia in particular? Consider how we've differentiated ourselves with better products and service:

  • We have proven installations already at work in several locations around Australia, producing vast quantities of water daily for use by many people. 

  • We produce entirely custom designs for remote desalination setups based on the unique needs of your location. From where your water comes from to where to locate the power source, we answer the toughest questions. 

  • We warranty all our parts and equipment for 24 months from installation, delivering a very valuable peace of mind concerning your investment.

What You Stand to Gain When You Use Water Makers Australia

With a robust solar-powered solution for brackish water desalination, more things become possible even when you don't have grid access. From running a successful commercial operation to providing fresh water for village residents, Water Makers Australia takes these tasks seriously. Together with Commodore Australia, we work tirelessly to produce installation designs and solutions ideally suited to the unique conditions of your site. To learn more about our solutions or to make a start on custom-designing a desalination plant, contact us today.

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