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Salt Water Maker

Choosing a Salt Water Maker for Offshore Journeys

Long-haul sailing journeys offer many challenges, but when you can safely extract sea salt with a water maker, fresh drinking water is virtually all around you. That's one challenge ticked off the list — now the rest won't be so difficult to sort. However, can you afford such a system? The answer might surprise you. At Water Makers Australia, we investigated the existing state of the market for seawater desalination machine installations. We recognised that the high price point was a barrier to entry for many boaters. Although this technology may seem complex and challenging to manage at first glance, our elegant setups combine the latest innovations with clever thinking to provide a highly cost-effective solution.

Over the lifetime of our kit installations, owners accrue lower operating costs and require maintenance less often. Most setups are easy to DIY, too, or to install with the help of your preferred local marine service provider. What size pump should you buy, though? How do you figure how many litres of water per hour you must produce to be self-sufficient on long journeys? Before you arrive at these questions, you must first consider why adding one of these machines to your boat is a worthwhile investment.


When you sail for months or years without a seawater filtration system, it's easy to think you can get by without one. However, think about it, how many times have you put into a marina to (over) pay for water, or had an issue with your tanks that meant it was time to head home early? There are many important reasons to consider adding one to your boat:

  • You’ll make it simpler to transport more people on each excursion. For example, what if you want to host an all-day party on the water to celebrate a loved one's birthday? With four, five, or even more people on board, you'll need much water — and you could exhaust your tanks quickly. Running a desalination pump is an easy way to ensure access to water without too much extra thought. 

  • You never know when an emergency might occur. 

  • You'll save more money over time. Why continue to pay for the privilege of taking on water when you could extract it from the sea at a very low operational cost?

From solo sailing to hosting groups aboard a larger vessel for a weekend of fun and festivities, desalination offers very versatile solutions. 

The Importance of a Salt Water Purifier for Boats

Key Questions to Ask Us About Our Sailboat Water Maker

There is much to learn about this hardware. Taking the time to absorb everything you can before purchasing is the key to unlocking the best ROI possible from your spend. What are some of the essential questions you should bring to our team when you're preparing to make a new investment? Some of the conversations we like to have with our customers include topics such as:

  • How many litres of water per hour can your seawater desalination machine produce? 

  • What kinds of pump options do I have? Do I need to get the most powerful solution, or can I get by with something less intense?

  • What are the ongoing costs of operating my pumps? How often should I replace the filters, and what is the typical service life on each of the pumps you provide?


What Sets Water Makes Australia Apart Among Seawater Desalination Companies?

A better way to phrase this question might be: "what makes our kits the best choice on the market today?" We've worked hard to differentiate our hardware kits from what else is out there on the market, providing a range with options suitable for the low-cost, low-need sailor to those with the most substantial duty needs. We set ourselves apart in several ways:

  • Affordability. Although we're happy to provide top-of-the-line equipment, we also want to make desalination accessible to the "little guy." Our systems offer better affordability and lower long-term costs.

  • Transparency. We're honest and upfront about our solutions; we aren't out to sell others more than they need, or products they shouldn't opt for at all. Instead, we provide clear directions so our clients may make the smartest choices for their situation. 

  • Support. We provide a 24-month warranty against defective parts in pumps and desalination plants, enabling you to get up and running without worrying about the loss of your investment.

Why Trust Us When You Need a Sailing Water Maker?

Adding any equipment to your boat requires trust in the seller, and we aim to foster that trust in each of our interactions with potential customers. By offering superior service and transparent advice in response to your needs, we cut straight to the point and leave out all the nonsense in between. Count on Water Makers Australia to provide you with a straight answer and dependable hardware. Contact us today to find out more.

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