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Solar Water Machine

Designing a Solar Water Machine to Support Off-Grid Production

Without easy access to grid power, using solar for a water maker may seem like the ideal off-grid combination — but finding such a solution often proves easier said than done. For those establishing a homestead off the grid or running an agricultural operation that requires potable water for people and livestock alike, finding a functional solution is a critical matter. It must be cost-effective and easy to maintain over the long term. At Water Makers Australia, we understand the unique needs faced by those who rely on the land around them to supply the power and water necessary for many daily tasks. Via a proven partnership with Commodore Australia, we provide complete end-to-end solutions for installing a water desalination machine on your property.


The Benefits of Solar Powered Desalination Systems from Water Makers Australia

Any system that claims to produce fresh water from brackish or muddy sources should be able to back up those assertions. At Water Makers Australia, we devoted ourselves to creating solutions that would offer value, consistent performance, and long-term reliability to our customers. Aside from these benefits, there are other advantages to opting for one of our installations, too:

  • Peace of mind. With a solar-powered water desalination system and an appropriate on-site backup (such as a diesel generator), these systems provide reliable operations day in and day out. 

  • Consistency. Do you spend every day worrying about empty tanks? With our systems, sizing to meet your demand is a simpler task. We ensure our plants run efficiently and provide the amount of water you need, provided there is an adequate source to use.

  • Ease of maintenance. Merely keeping the panels clean, filters fresh, and the pumps in good working condition is all it takes to ensure consistent daily water.

What You Can Expect From Our Solar Powered Water Maker

What do you need to know about our systems themselves? From the different pump options we provide to the three-stage filtration, there is much to learn about the desalination process. Once installed and switched on, here's what to anticipate from your new water maker:

  • Simple operation. Once fully installed and plumbed to the source and your destination tank, there is virtually nothing you need to do on a typical day. When switched on, your system will run automatically.

  • Solutions for both on and off-grid locations. If you prefer to use grid power primarily but want solar as a backup, or vice versa, we can engineer solutions to match these requirements. 

  • Cost-effectiveness. As one of the most value-enriched solutions on the market, our pumps and water makers come in at a highly competitive price point.


About Water Makers Australia

A fresh face in the world of desalination, Water Makers Australia was born out of a simple idea: provide more cost-effective access to clean water for those who do not have easy access at their location. From marine solutions to large-scale, off-grid desalination plans run by solar power to produce thousands of litres of water, we do it all and maintain a commitment to quality. Find out more about how to tap into a more affordable option today. Contact us now.

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