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A Boat Watermaker System is a Convenience and A Lifesaver.

A quality boat desalination system is practically a requirement for any responsible captain of a vessel of any size that has the capability of leave shore overnight. No matter how much water you try to store, in an emergency situation you can still run out, not to mention the extra weight of the water on board. With a boat Watermaker System you will find that clean water is available to drink and wash with as you enjoy the great wilderness that are Australian oceans. Our systems are compact, ready to use, and lightweight.
Boat desalination systems are not just for the wealthy, this life saving and convenient system is priced to be affordable, durable, and reliable. Our most affordable system provides 80 litres per hour, this is certainly enough for life-saving measures, but also for vessels with 2-4 people, it is enough for comfort as well. The size of your tank, and the capabilities of your power source (solar or otherwise) will also determine how much water you can produce but most boaters are happy to run their pump about 2-3 hours each day for a surplus of water.
We meet many clients who are remodeling older sailboats. Modernizing old yachts and boats can be an interesting project because so many of the options available a few decades ago have improved in durability, efficiency, and cost. And there are so many new options today that were not even thought of then. We have seen some older boats turn into sleek comfortable live-aboard vessels that can sustain a family on the water due to all the upgrades in technology. Modern boaters are much like space travelers who are self-sustaining in their vessel across the vast openness. In fact, much of the same technology that allows 100% independence on the International Space Station can allow sailors to only step ashore as they want.
If you are updating a boat, purchased a boat without a proper boat watermaker system, or simply want to upgrade your litre per hour capabilities we are your go-to for quality pumps and filtration systems that are all in one unit and ready to plug and go. We also provide quality residential watermakers. Many people are realizing the immense capabilities of technology to allow us to look at the world in a whole new light, from making our own water from the salty sea to providing our own power from the sun and so many things in between. A revolution of self-sufficiency is happening and it can only mean great things for us all.

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