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Marine Water Maker

We Ensure You Can Always Have the Marine Water Maker You Need

If you need a reliable marine water maker from a team that understands how to deliver excellent results with their products, you can find it here. Our water makers ensure you have access to the drinkable water you need when you are out sailing to your favourite destination. Choose Water Makers Australia and experience clean, potable water any day.


What Sets Us Apart from Our Competitors When You Need a Reliable Off-Grid Water Maker

When you need a sailboat water maker, you want to ensure you get it from the team with the competitive edge. Here is why we believe our products and services stand out above the rest:

  • Customer service is a big deal for us. We want to ensure you have the satisfaction you need every step of the way. If you are ever unhappy with any part of the service, we urge you to get in touch so we can rectify the situation. Until you can proudly say our service has satisfied you, we don’t consider our job done.

  • We back our products with a two-year warranty to ensure you get the reliability you need. The last thing you want is for an unexpected accident to render your product inoperable, which leads to more money spending. Our two-year warranty ensures that you get more value for money with every purchase.

  • We provide a host of options to ensure you get the water maker that best suits your requirements. You might want one of our off-grid water solutions that provide you with entirely green solutions at zero operational cost. You might have an interest in a bigger system that can produce up to 240 litres per hour.

Whatever your requirements are, we can meet them head-on. 

Whether out on the open waters or off the grid, you will never have to go thirsty with our range of solutions.

Commonly Asked Questions from Our Customers Regarding a Sea Recovery Water Maker

Here are a few commonly asked questions we have received from our clients interested in a yacht water maker since our business started:

  • Why are your solutions cheaper than everyone else’s? It started with re-engineering our products and designing our solutions around long-lasting components that do not break the bank. We also removed unnecessary parts of the system that made it ‘extravagant’ but much more prone to error, and costly.

  • How long will the system I ordered take to arrive? Given we have your system in stock already – under normal circumstances we should – it should take us around 24 hours to construct it and add requests. From there, it depends on the couriers and how long their business takes to get your system to you.

  • How complicated is the system to install once I have it? We understand that installation can seem rather daunting. However, we provide a comprehensive installation manual to assist you. Any local plumber, handyman, or boat mechanic should easily be able to help. If, however, you cannot find anyone, simply give us a call, and we will help you source an installer.


About Us and Our Solutions for an Excellent Desalination Water Maker

Since we started our business, we have set out to challenge conventional desalination solutions with innovative thinking, re-engineering, and supply chain changes to provide our clients with low-cost, reliable desalination systems. Whether you want to convert seawater or bore water to fresh, drinkable water, we provide the best solution.

We understand the importance of having access to clean, drinkable water when you are out on the ocean. But why stop there? We also provide excellent off-the-grid solutions that cost nothing to run once bought for and installed. Call us today and let us help you set up the perfect desalination system for you.

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