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Come to Us at Water Makers Australia For Your Private Yacht Desalination Services.

Any private yacht should have a quality reliable water desalination system because the human body can not go long without fresh water, and you may be surprised at how much water is needed each and every day for both comfort and survival. Ideally, your yacht will never be faced with unexpected extra time at sea but it is always best to be prepared for anything. We offer systems that start at 80 litres per hour and systems that go all the way up to 240 litres per hour. This makes most boats have plenty of water with just a few hours of pump time each day.
Private yacht desalination is not just for emergency use. You can save water storage room and weight by installing a quality private yacht desalination system for daily use. If you are planning an overnight trip, or even if you are leaving sight of the shoreline, as private yacht's typically do, it is just common sense to have a desalination system on board. You can enjoy the views with peace of mind that your water system is reliable and you will always have water at sea.
It may be easier than you think to upgrade your private yacht desalination system, and if you do not currently have one the process of installation is so simple you may wonder why you did not do it sooner. Contact us at Water Makers Australia if you have any questions or if you are ready to purchase a quality private yacht desalination system, or any other desalination systems in Australia.

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